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History of the Refinery at Come by Chance

Shaheen Resources originally built this oil refinery back in 1971-1973. The facility refined its first shipment of crude oil in May 1973. Shaheen ran the refinery until 1976 at which time the company went bankrupt under the strain of negative market margins and the refinery shut down.

It wasn't until 10 years later in 1986 that Newfoundland Processing Ltd (NPL) refurbished the refinery and brought it back online. Eight years later, in August 1994, the Vitol Refining Group purchased the refinery and so it became known as North Atlantic Refining Limited. Vitol invested millions of dollars in the refinery over the next 12 years to make it competitive in the world of refining.

In October 2006, Western Canada based, Harvest Energy purchased North Atlantic, and three years later in December 2009, North Atlantic was sold to the Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC). And, in November 2014, our refinery was acquired by SilverRange Financial Partners out of New York.

Despite changing ownership, North Atlantic Refining and its dedicated and highly skilled employees continue to strive in areas of safe fuel production, environmentally-conscious operations, and continued community support. North Atlantic is your responsible neighbour.